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AVVAY Pro Highlight: David Bean

Today we’re talking with David Bean, a photographer and AVVAY Pro from Nashville, Tennessee. David, a former graphic designer, gets a lot of his inspiration from watching movies. His movie inspirations probably explain why his camera bag is stacked with a crazy amount of gear. Keep reading to learn more about his creative process.

“I can’t see myself ever getting burnt out on photography. I really love my career!”

What person or experience initially got you interested in pursuing your art?

I originally was a graphic designer and I would sometimes take photos for my designs. Slowly I got burned out on the whole design process and decided to pursue my photography full-time. That was 14 years ago. I can’t see myself ever getting burnt out on photography. I really love my career!

How do you find inspiration to stay creatively fresh from project to project?

I get a lot of inspiration from watching movies. Cinematic lighting can be so majestic. I like to try to copy those moods and feelings in my photos as much is possible. Usually lighting is what inspires me more than anything. I’m also constantly inspired by fashion. I have my own visual style, but I’m always slightly tweaking it to stay fresh.


What’s in your camera bag?

I have a very large camera bag so it contains:
– Canon 5D Mark IV
– Canon 5D Mark III
– Fuji X-T20
– 5 canon lenses
– 2 Fuji lenses
– A Profoto A1 mini strobe
– MacBook Pro
– Various accessories

Is there any new gear or technology that you have your eye on this year?

Well, I’m looking for a slightly bigger SUV than what I have, so I’m about to buy a VW Atlas. I can bring a lot of gear to a shoot sometimes. I’m up to speed on camera gear for the most part. I’ve got three Profoto B1, two Profoto D2 and one Profoto A1 lights that are at the core of all my tech.

If you could share one piece of advice with up and coming photographers, what would it be?

I’d say to be yourself and don’t try to imitate what others are doing. Be fearless and take risks. It’s rare that someone succeeds playing it safe. Also, if you’re doing commercial photography, realize that’s it’s not about just making pretty pictures or art. Your goal is to make your client more money. That means your photos should be crafted to sell more records, tickets, beer, shoes, etc. Many photographers make it all about themselves, without regard to what the end goal is.

What is one area of your work or field you would love to grow in this year?

I primarily do entertainment and advertising work and that what’s I really love to do more than anything. So I’d love to do more of what I’m already doing, but for new clients that I’ve yet to work with; like Vans, The Gap, VW, etc.


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