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AVVAY Pro Highlight: Happy Payne

Makeup artist and AVVAY Pro Happy Payne is really good at her job. This Nashville, Tennessee, based creative makes faces look flawless for television, photo shoots, and music videos. Passionate about her craft, Happy believes in the art of networking. Read more about this AVVAY Pro and her creative process below.

“I’m always on the lookout for anything that allows me to do my job better.”

What person or experience initially got you interested in pursuing your art?

My husband, Adrian.  He’s a photographer and I wanted to add to our business so I went to makeup school.

How do you find inspiration to stay creatively fresh from project to project?

It’s easy to stay creative by pursuing different avenues.  One day I’m working on a tv show, the next I’m doing a photo shoot, and the next I might be on a music video.  I love having the freedom to mix it up.

What’s are your go-to pieces of gear?

I certainly have favorites that I use all the time, but honestly my absolute favorite thing is the travel kit that allows me to work straight out of it without unpacking anything.  It keeps me really organized.

Are there any new products that you have your eye on this year?

I’m always on the lookout for anything that allows me to do my job better.

If you could share one piece of advice with up and coming makeup artists, what would it be?

Network!  I wouldn’t be where I am today without doing that.

What is one area of your work or field you would love to grow in this year?

I’d love to do more tv!  I started getting some jobs in that area in the last couple years and have had a great time.

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