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AVVAY Pro Highlight: Rachel Leigh Vogel

Today we’re highlighting AVVAY Pro Rachel Leigh Vogel from Knoxville, Tennessee. This makeup artist has been inspired by the dramatics of movie magic and nature. She believes that being a good person is the key to success. Moving forward, Rachel just wants to be bold. Keep reading to find out more about her perspective as an artist.

“Being kind gets you further than skill in most cases, staying humble makes for more friends/contacts, and there is never a time there isn’t something new to learn… “

What person or experience initially got you interested in pursuing your art?

I was always creative and had an interest in makeup artistry, especially after watching Mrs. Doubtfire, however it wasn’t until I took a Cinema Appreciation class in college when something clicked. We had to watch Factory Girl which is about Andy Warhol’s short time muse, Edie Sedgwick. She exuded confidence in public wearing bold eye makeup and a fun pixie, yet she desperately wanted to be accepted and feared judgement. I suddenly knew I wanted to help people see their inner beauty on the surface so I dropped out, went to cosmetology school then on to a makeup artistry school and mastered the art of makeup.

How do you find inspiration to stay creatively fresh from project to project?

I follow other artist’s work on social media, especially those who have a completely different style because though they are different, I am still able to notice a technique, color, or finish in their work that I can apply to my personal style and create a totally different vibe.

I’m also inspired by nature. Just taking a drive and seeing the different colors and textures in flowers and trees, that definitely builds me up.


What are some of your go-to products?

I always have Cinema Secrets or RCMA foundation in my kit. Both apply so beautifully, nothing else compares. The last three years, I have been venturing into clean beauty and have become a huge fan of Beautycounter eyeshadows and blushes. I doubt I’ll ever part with MAC paint pots or their Fix+. I’m always experimenting with products on myself and if they make the cut, I find a way to work them into my kit.

Are there any new products or equipment that you have your eye on this year?

The Makeup Light. One of their lighting kits has been on my list for awhile. It’ll be so nice to get a better idea of how the makeup will look before the talent steps in front of the camera.


If you could share one piece of advice with up and coming makeup artists, what would it be?

Remember to be kind, stay humble, and allow yourself to be a student. Being kind gets you further than skill in most cases, staying humble makes for more friends/contacts, and there is never a time there isn’t something new to learn… it’s art, every artist has a different technique, a different approach, a different style… something can always be learned.

What is one area of your work or field you would love to grow in this year?

After a decade, I still question myself and sometimes hold back because of it. I want to learn to go with my gut and be a bit bolder. I also want to do more photoshoots, I’ve worked a lot in tv but really want to do more creative fashion-y shoots.

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