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Community Spotlight: Caleb Grimm & Anthem Lights

“As a content creator, I can’t believe I’ve lived my entire professional life without AVVAY.”

Caleb Grimm is a deeply talented content creator and musician from Nashville, TN. As music and technology have continued to blend more and more, creatives like Caleb have captured the power of that synthesis in amazing ways. Through his musical outlets (like Anthem Lights), and the viral power of YouTube, Caleb has helped develop a massive audience of almost 750k subscribers who enjoy original songs and creative new covers of a huge range of other hit music. Finding inspiring locations for each videos is a challenge and Caleb shares that now, “AVVAY will be my go-to.”

We are so pumped to see more and more content creators like Caleb using AVVAY find the locations and inspiration they need to continue sharing their art with the world.

Check out video for “The Greatest Showman Medley” by Anthem Lights below, filmed at the amazing Layman Drug Company in Nashville, TN.


Built in 1895, the Layman Drug Company served as a drug store to the local community for nearly 100 years til its closing in 1993. In 2016–17, the interior of the building underwent a significant makeover to become a fully functional video and audio recording studio. xThis space balances historic character with modern function like no other.

Check out more videos from Caleb and Anthem Lights

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