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Community Spotlight: Christina Smet & Noah Wilcox

“We had been on a constant search for a space to shoot in for weeks. We couldn’t find anything until Jon from AVVAY reached out and told us about the site.”

– Noah Wilcox, Videographer

We couldn’t be more pleased to have Christina & Noah be our first highlighted story from our latest expansion into the wonderful city of Dallas, TX. Christina Smet is a writer, speaker, spoken word artist, and worship leader. She is the founder of Songs With A Purpose and the co-founder of Here & Now Collective (Source). Noah Wilcox is an equally impressive creative himself, handling videography and photography direction duties on this specific project as well as partnering with Christina as co-founder of Here & Now Collective, which aims “to create and produce soul-activating content. With stimulating visuals, thought-provoking words, and heartening music, we hope what we share with our viewers will encourage them to live “here and now” in their own living story.

‘Here and now’ is a phrase Christina and I say to each other and over ourselves to remind us to be in the moment, and to be in the life and opportunities and celebrations and conflicts we have now.” – Noah Wilcox

The team booked the beautiful space known as Lucid Studio. Lucid is a creative studio space bursting with natural light and inspiration. The goal was to create the first promo video for Hear and Now Collective by way of Christina’s spoken word artistry. Here is a look at what was created

Excited for all of your ventures, guys. Thanks for being a part of our community and for letting AVVAY be a part of your creative journey.


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