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Location Spotlight: Beech Grove Historic Event Venue

We creatives love Pinterest! It often gives the best inspiration for anything, even a rustic, country themed event. The visually-driven social site gives great direction from what types of mason jars to buy, to what breed of horse helps to set the right mood. Everything tends to be given in great detail, except where to find that perfect traditional barn location. If you’re looking for that exact spot, Beech Grove is the perfect fit to turn your Pinterest board into a reality!

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Located in Nashville, Tennessee, this historic outdoor venue is perfect for photos and videos.

It’s only eighteen miles Southwest of Downtown, offering a contrasting beauty to the city lights. This 19th century country property offers the perfect blend of history and nature. With an open air barn built in 1850, Beech Grove displays an unmatched aesthetic of rustic and untouched beauty. Despite its rural setting, the property has accessible outlets and allows parking on the premises.

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Beech Grove is proving to be a fan favorite of AVVAY users, ranking in numerous five star reviews! We love the views and vibes of this location, and highly recommend it as an option for your next countryside creation, mason jars and all.
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