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Creative Nashville Influencers: Lindsey Gregory

As one of the many talented Nashville photographers, hear how AVVAY Pro Lindsey Gregory continues to work to stay creative and set herself apart from the crowd.

Lindsey Gregory is a talented Nashville photographer. She is not one to settle, and as you’ll hear, she is constantly working to further differentiate herself, and her clients, through her work as one of the top Nashville influencers. Working with lifestyle photography and influencer campaigns, Gregory is diverse with her approaches to each project. Read more about her work, influences, and motivations below.

“I constantly remind myself that creating is what makes me the most happy, and I’ve worked too hard to give up now. “

How would you describe your creative aesthetic?

My aesthetic could be described as flexible. I work with brands and influencers, so I have to be flexible to their branding. When creating work for fun and creative projects for myself I bounce between crazy bright and colorful to dark and moody depending on the concept. I’ve finally accepted my all-over-the-place-ness. 😉

If you could collaborate with any creative in the world for a project, who would it be? 

Peter McKinnon. I love his energy, creativity and his product photography inspires what I want to do until the day I die. 

How do you work against self-doubt when it comes to your creative abilities?

I remind myself that this happens because I’m a creative, every artist gets in their own head. The main phrase I put on repeat in my head until it passes is, “just because my work isn’t for everyone doesn’t mean it’s for no one” and “I’m creative, not everything is a masterpiece, but that is no reason to give up”. I constantly remind myself that creating is what makes me the most happy, and I’ve worked too hard to give up now.


What has been your biggest obstacle as a creator and how did you overcome it? 

My biggest obstacle has been creating this unique service that utilizes influencers as the models to save my clients time and money vs a traditional commercial shoot. I haven’t overcome the obstacle yet, this has been an 8 month building, learning and growing process, but we are super close to fully launching.

What three words would you use to describe your work? 

Strategic, Focused, Resourceful

How do you stay motivated?

When you are obsessed with something it’s easy to stay motivated. I’m constantly thinking about my business, my work, new ideas and my next 10 projects, it doesn’t turn off…it’s borderline a curse. 😉 If someone isn’t motivated by their passion and their own business then it isn’t their passion or the right business.

Creative Nashville Influencers: Lindsey Gregory - AVVAY

What affirmation would you give to an upcoming creative?

  1. If you can’t go 1 week without creating something new then you know you are doing what you were meant to do. 
  2. Don’t compare yourself, its not worth the energy and there’s nothing to gain from it. 
  3. Find a community or tribe. 
  4. Being a creative is not a competition. 
  5. The more supportive you are to others the more success you will have in your own career. 
  6. Find a mentor. 
  7. Work your ass off, don’t expect greatness without it. 
  8. Practice gratitude daily. 
  9. And lastly, never stop learning, ask stupid questions, its ok.

If you’re loving Lindsey, check out Lucid Linds Studio, a crazy amazing space that she has listed with us on AVVAY.


Lindsey is a talented photographer, one of the top influencers in Nashville, a studio owner who continues to push herself to create. We are so glad to have Lindsey as a member of AVVAY Pro. Explore her profile on AVVAY Pro below.

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