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Community Spotlight: David Bean & The Silent Planet

A Look Behind the Scenes at Our First Reservation

When we set out to create AVVAY all we knew was we wanted to make something that would help our creative community. We saw a clear need for musicians, photographers, designers, and creatives of all types to not only find space to work in, but also to find each other. The human element, too often lost in the pursuit of business ventures, has always been a focal point for us. Everything sucks when you forget about people. I think we can all agree.

We are passionate about the connecting of people and ideas. has been live for a few weeks now and not only are we seeing more of you listing your fantastic creative spaces on the site, but we have now seen our dreams become reality right in front of our eyes as the first reservation shave no begun to happen. It’s an unbelievable feeling to see what we have always believed in suddenly become something of value to others in our community. Speechless.

Just last week, Nashville Photographer David Bean needed to book a space to do a shoot for a music equipment co. known as Pedaltrain. David hopped on, found an amazing space here in Nashville called The Silent Planet Studio, fired off a reservation request, and it began; the first reservation on

There are of course many things that made this connection so special to us.

A big element is the fact that the resource we have been developing for so long is finally not only alive and kicking but it’s WORKING. No matter how confident you are in something you are creating, there is still such relief when others “get it.” To say this reservation fueled us is an understatement.

More importantly, this photoshoot represented the heart of our mission though. A photographer was able to connect with a producer/studio owner to combine their creative forces in order to help Pedaltrain show their amazing creative products to the world.

THAT is what we are all about. Helping people keep creating. In new ways and new spaces.

This is only the beginning, friends. We are so proud to get to have a part in what is sure to be a growing wave of new projects, new friendships, and new goals being realized. This is art. We are so excited about the future.

Do you have a space you think other creatives could find inspiring? List it for free now!

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