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Community Spotlight: Emily Goodin

“I had a wonderful experience with White Avenue Studio and I plan on using AVVAY whenever I need a location for future work! There are so many options that can help with creating one’s vision.”

– Emily Goodin, Creative Director/Stylist

Emily Goodin is a creative director and stylist for Nashville-based Effortless Style, a fashion-focused company of local stylists specializing in “individualized image consulting services” (source). Emily and her team booked White Avenue Studio through and transformed the space into a high fashion wonderland, creating such a powerful aesthetic and tone with this shoot we couldn’t wait to share it with our community.

Take a look at what the team accomplished in their time at the studio below.

Molly Mastin (Left) Alex Ferguson (Right)
Molly Mastin (Left) Alex Ferguson (Right)
Molly Mastin


Photographer: Tausha Dickinson

Stylist/Creative Director: Emily Goodin

Hair: Genia Church

Makeup: Dayna Slaughenhoupt

Models: Molly Mastin & Alex Ferguson

Models courtesy The Block Agency

Location: White Ave. Studio

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