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Filming Locations: How To Find Warehouses

Looking to shoot your next creative project in a spacious warehouse? Filming locations can be tough to find. If you feel overwhelmed, we’re here to help.

Warehouses are perfect filming locations because of their versatility. For instance, maybe you’re filming a music video and want a modern, industrial backdrop. Or, maybe you’re shooting a new fashion line and need a minimal aesthetic with sizable space for models and wardrobe. Warehouses provide a cool vibe while also allowing for large crews, wide camera angles, and flexible movement.

Our warehouse locations fit a variety of aesthetic needs. Whether your project is modern or retro, light or dark, sleek or rustic—we’ve got something for you. Or, bring your own sets to our spaces! The beauty of a warehouse is that it can transform into exactly what it needs to be for the art you’re making.

But how do you rent a warehouse on a tight budget? We offer hourly rentals, so you don’t necessarily have to pay for a whole day. Make a detailed schedule ahead of time so that your filming day runs smoothly and efficiently! Also, utilize our blog and website as resources that help creatives plan and run successful shoots.

Here are several warehouses available as hourly location rentals on AVVAY. Explore your city now! And, as always, if you can’t find exactly what you have in mind, our in-house location scouts are ready to help you anytime.

dallas warehouse

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