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Host Updates: Spring 2022

We’re always innovating here at AVVAY so we wanted to share a few feature updates that will help make the hosting experience better than ever!

Visual Calendar

In the main dashboard view, hosts will now see a monthly visual calendar linked to each listed space. This is where hosts can view upcoming reservations and block out dates that are unavailable. This visual calendar can also be viewed by clicking the “host” tab at the top of the dashboard.

Visual Calendar Update

A red box indicates that a date has been blocked off. This does not cancel confirmed reservations but merely removes this date as an option for additional reservations within AVVAY. Hosts can block out a date by clicking the “Block Date” button at the top of the calendar and selecting the desired day. Clicking on a blocked day will give the option to unblock it. Please note that blocking a date only affects incoming AVVAY reservations; incoming external bookings will not be affected. An AVVAY guest may also still submit a custom quote request for a blocked date.

The teal box in the visual calendar indicates the current date. The numbered dots indicate how many reservations are booked in the space each day. Clicking on a specific date will reveal which reservations are external bookings and which are through AVVAY. For AVVAY bookings, hosts’ will also see a brief summary of the reservation details.

We are thrilled about this new feature that gives hosts a quick overview of monthly bookings as well as the option to easily block out dates within the AVVAY platform!

Hourly Selection Update

While our newly updated hourly selection is mainly accessed by guests, we think it will significantly streamline hosts’ workload when it comes to editing reservations. Instead of guests only being able to reserve times in predetermined blocks, they will now be able to select a specific start time and desired end time as long as the timeframe fits the hourly minimum. Due to this new update, hosts shouldn’t have to spend quite as much time editing reservations which is a big plus!

Hourly Selection Update

There you have it! We’re excited to share these new host updates and are always working on ways to make everything run more smoothly. We also love to hear user feedback so feel free to reach out to us at!

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