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How to Find Rental Space for Creative Projects and Events in Nashville

Whatever your creative vision may be, AVVAY is a resources to help make it come to life. Check out our tips for renting that perfect space for your next creative project or event in the Nashville area.

Add Details

Provide enough details up-front with your initial reservation request. At minimum, write a sentence or two about who you are, what you’re doing, and how many people will be there. Then copy it (Ctrl+C) for when you request the space.

Be Prepared 

 Factor in set-up and tear-down time in your request. This will eliminate a common back and forth communication between you and the host. A better range of time allows for a quicker process of the request. 

Get Social 

Connect your social media accounts — This only takes a second and builds trust. We prompt you to add them after you submit a request.

Request It

Submit a reservation request or two for other spaces as a backup. Go ahead and paste that detailed description from earlier. This will save you a few minutes, hopefully getting you into your space faster. 

Contact Us

Let us know if you’re in a rush or if there’s anything else we can do to help via our Live Chat or by emailing us at and we’ll jump in.

Check out some of our space suggestions.

The Loft @ South x Sea

Location Spotlight: South x Sea Nashville

Beech Grove

BG 1
BG 16
BG 4
BG 20

East Nashville Bright and Easy


Retro Chic House of Glamour


Layman Drug Company

LDC 12
Layman Drug Company: Studio, Band Rehearsal Space, And Venue - AVVAY

Vine Studios

Vine Studios

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