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Community Spotlight: Katherine McQueen

“I now spend less time on production and more time creating art. I used to have to contact photographer friends all the time about using their studio. It was a hassle figuring out availability and rates. AVVAY makes it easier to find such rad variety of locations knowing availability and rate immediately!”

We love seeing talented people like Katherine McQueen find inspiration and new creative tools through AVVAY. Katherine is a multifaceted photographer who specializes in portraits and weddings and has used AVVAY to book multiple shoots for musical artists here in Nashville.

“[Katherine] is known for her creative portraits that have drama, emotion, and intimacy in each image.” (Source)

Check out a few of the highlighted images collected from both shoots below. Huge props to Katherine for letting us showcase these (and for being great at what you do!).

Explore This Space

Explore one of the locations Katherine used here.

Learn more about Katherine McQueen at her website.

Looking for inspiration or a location for your next creative project or event? Explore

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