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Community Spotlight: Lara Howell

“AVVAY helped me find the right location to accomplish my vision. Without this location, it would not have been what I wanted it to be.”

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Lara Howell is primarily known as a wedding photographer. However, as we all know, creatives are always looking beyond the confines of their own art to find new inspiration and fresh ideas for projects. We all need new perspective, new tools, and new places with which to spark our creativity.

“When a girl I followed on Instagram shaved her and her friends head, I knew I wanted to do something fun with them.”

So Lara booked a shoot through AVVAY at the natural-light-filled Lane Photography Studio and the rest is history. We are huge fans of what she was able to capture at this shoot. Have a look below at the results of Lara’s vision:


Well done Lara. Thanks for being part of our AVVAY community and for sharing this powerful shoot with all of us.

The Location

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