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Location Rentals: How To Monetize Your Space

Start With A Class

Are you ready to make money with your property but not sure where to start? We recommend checking out the folks at Your Income Space for insight on how to best monetize your location! They’re entrepreneurs with a heart to teach homeowners and property managers how to create additional income streams by turning their spaces into location rentals. They offer free training as well as paid courses, all with the goal of helping you learn how to best profit from your property. Here are a few of the top ways you can begin to monetize your location:

Location Rentals On Vacation Rental Sites

Rent your home for overnight stays on various platforms or through property management companies. This is a great way to rack up extra income, whether it’s a guest room in your home or second property that you help manage. These sites can put your location rental in front of millions of travelers to help boost your revenue and turn a profit while you sleep.

Private room as location rental

Location Rentals For Film And Photo Shoots

Do you have an interesting backyard? Art studio? Rundown warehouse property? Productions are interested in a wide variety of locations so whatever your space, people will want to film there! Location rentals can range from just a few hours to a 12+ hour day, or even multiple days. This can be a handy way to book up your space during the weekdays or in between other rentals. And if it’s a space that you currently live in, you could have a crew present during the day and then get it back for the night. With the amount of creative content being produced and the growing need for new, unique locations, the possibilities are endless!

Austin Photo Studio

List Your Space With AVVAY

At AVVAY, our job is to connect professional film and photo productions with the perfect locations. If you have an amazing space, we’d love to have you join our creative community! You can list your property on our public site to manage bookings directly or we can add it to our private database. Either way, we work hard to get you as many bookings as possible by actively pitching your space to production companies. With full control over which projects you accept, you can make our site work with any kind of space.

Find out more about hosting with us and start your monetization journey today!

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