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Location Spotlight: The Cleves Cottage

The Cleves Cottage is a perfect example of things aging as fine as wine! Almost one hundred years old, this venue is perfect for video shoots, photo shoots, and writing.


Rightly labeled as a Retro-Fitted 1918 Charmer, The Cleves Cottage has a retro kitchen, restored hardwood floors, an upright piano, mid-century furniture, and antique original windows. Its Old Hickory location close to the Cumberland River gives it a real Nashville feel. This aesthetic is enhanced with a washed brick fireplace, exposed natural brick walls, and great natural light. 


The Cleves Cottage has accumulated numerous five star reviews and has housed the creation of some great work, as seen with Megan Davies. With three bedrooms, one bathroom, and a full kitchen, this space offers the full package for anyone looking for a retrofitted creative space!

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