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Location Spotlight: The Cordelle

Belle, Swell, Well… These Dr. Seuss-like words may offer feelings of nostalgia, but they also help to give a very brief description of the creative space known as The Cordelle in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cordelle 1
Cordelle 3
Cordelle 2

Here at AVVAY, we believe that creatives deserve to have a space that makes their ideas come to life. The space should nourish an idea to flourish into something well-done, turning that “well-done” into a “swell job”, and that “swell job” into the “belle of the ball” of its field. In spaces like The Cordelle, this is definitely achievable. 

Cordelle 4
Cordelle 6

With its location in Downtown Nashville, The Cordelle is rooted in aspects of southern authenticity. Next to Honky Tonks and the Music City Center, this location offers you a versatile combination of vibes and aesthetics to use as your own no matter the type of project. This flexible space can be used as a venue or a creative space for photo and video shoots, and has been noted for the versatility of its vintage interior to accommodate virtually any project or event. Also housing an outdoor lawn and garden area with a covered porch, The Cordelle is a stylish place worthy of consideration for your next endeavor!

Cordelle 11
Cordelle 7

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