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Community Spotlight: Nada Taha

Main Photo by Rob Norris

“AVVAY has been the ultimate lifesaver when it comes to producing shoots. As a creative director, there are so many moving parts that go alongside a video or photo shoot and the guys at Avvay do an amazing job of alleviating some steps of the process”

In a world where more than ever brand is everything, there is a massive lack of understanding as to what it means to have a strong brand. From the music industry to the tech scene and everything in between it is more important than ever for artists and companies alike to be both unique and real. Enter Nada Taha. With two Academy of Country Music Awards, a Country Music Award and a spot on last year’s Nashville Business Journal 40 Under 40 list (Forbes), Nada is clearly one who not only understands the crucial importance of building an authentic brand, but who also possess the creative skillset to achieve strong results. Her passion for brand storytelling began in her time as a radio personality:

“Artists were walking into the studio with talent, a record label and management, but without a strong sense of what their story was or how to truly tell it”

The AVVAY team was able to able to work first hand with Nada through our involvement with Alex Berger and crew behind the 7×7 event we co-sponsored this last year. Recently Nada also utilized AVVAY to secure two locations for a last minute artist shoot she was directing here in Nashville for country music artist Sam Riggs. This type of scenario is the reason AVVAY was born. Because we all know that lead time is a luxury that simply isn’t always available from project to project.

Discover the amazing content that came out of Nada’s time at AVVAY spaces Layman Drug Co. & Musicians Cottage.


Artist: Sam Riggs, Photographer: Acacia Evans, Stylist: Raina

The Locations

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