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Community Spotlight: Rhonda Nelson

“Once I was introduced to AVVAY, I was so impressed with the variety of places available on their website. It was difficult to choose a space because they all looked fabulous. No matter what type of event you need a space for, you will find it on AVVAY.”

– Rhonda Nelson

All Photos By Kyle Dean Reinford

Rhonda Nelson, author, world traveler and Tennessee native, recalls how “beginning as early as 14 or 15 years old,” she “began to travel internationally and was exposed to foods from all over the world. As an adult, I realized just how much food and travel have been common threads in my life. This became especially clear while writing my first book, A Different Life, which is full of family photos and recipes that I truly treasure.”

Rhonda recently used AVVAY to find the perfect locations, both a historic victorian home in Franklin, TN and a high end recording studio, for 2 very different photoshoots to capture her equally diverse creative life.

To learn more about Rhonda, visit her website.


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