Soar Creative: Venue And Event Space

As creatives, we often require more than one way to express ourselves. We may need a recording studio to drop a new track, but also a dance studio to rehearse the choreography that goes along with it. The benefit, and sometimes difficult part, of being a creative is that what we make has a variety of outlets and requires the utilization of many resources. Call it fate or trial and error from the creative process, but Soar Creative studios in Dallas, Texas, has answered our prayers!

Soar General

Soar Creative is a large commercial venue that houses a kitchen, dance studio, acrobatics studio, warehouse, recording studio, and a penny floor conference room. In its entirety, Soar is listed as a rehearsal and collaboration space, but the specific rooms can be individually rented by request.

The Kitchen

Soar Kitchen 3
Soar Creative: Venue And Event Space

The kitchen of Soar Creative is great for a variety of things beyond cooking. With wooden cabinetry, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and modern concrete floors, this part of the venue proves itself to be great for photos or a meet up. There’s room for seating, dancing, meeting, and hosting! With an outdoor deck overlooking the Trinity River, this finished artistic space seems to be ideal for the next big thing on Food Network.

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The Dance Studio and The Acrobatics Studio

Soar Dance

As mentioned before, Soar Creative has been designed to cater to all creative specificities. If you don’t believe us, notice how the have both a dance and acrobatics studio! This variation definitely shows dedication to the creative process! Both studios have fourteen foot ceilings and are adjacent to each other. The dance studio has mirrored walls and sprung hardwood dance floors, while the acrobatics studio has removable gymnastic floors.

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Soar Acrobatics

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The Recording Studio

Soar Recording
soar Recording 2

Another extension of Soar Creative is its recording studio. This space has two separate control rooms and can serve for rehearsal, recording, and writing. It specializes in audio for picture and offers a world class experience.

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The Warehouse

Soar Warehouse 2

If you’re in need of a less specific functioning place, Soar creative also offers a warehouse that is ideal for photos, videos, art, and rehearsal. There are exposed brick walls that give the space an industrial feel, and two dock doors for you to load personalized equipment to make the space your own. Despite how it may look, this part of the venue is climate controlled, to keep your creating cool during those Texas summers.

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The Penny Floor Conference Room

Soar Penny Floor
Soar Penny Floor 2

Given all its specifically functioning spaces, Soar Creative also has a conference room for the day to day collaborations that have yet to come to life. Decked out with a unique penny floor, this cozy area has a table that seats six, but can accommodate extra chairs if need be. It gives access to the kitchen break room and common spaces, allowing meeting versatility.

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Soar General 2
Soar Kitchen

This space is becoming a fan favorite for AVVAY users! If you’re one of the lucky creatives rooted in or around Dallas, we highly suggest that you consider this venue for your next project. If you’re not in Dallas, a road trip will definitely be worth your time!

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