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Unconventional Event Venues and Creative Spaces For Rent in Nashville

It’s always a great feeling to find new location gems hidden within your home town! Even if you’re an out-of-town visitor, discovering unconventional event venues and inspiring creative spaces within a city is always beneficial. And if you’re able to rent those spaces for your next event or creative venture, you’ve basically hit the lottery!

We love aiding in making your everyday experiences extravagant, so we’ve made this list of  interesting creative spaces for rent in the Nashville area that you may or may not know of. Explore them now! We can’t wait to see what you do in them.

Wedgewood Avenue Substation

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The Heidi House
Interesting Creative Spaces for Rent Near Me Series: Nashville, TN -
heidi house 6

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Trimble House
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Trimble House 3

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Historic Sugar Fork Cabin and Farm
historic sugar fork 1
Historic sugar fork 2
Historic Sugar Fork 3

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Musician’s Craftsman Cottage

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Peach: 1974 Airstream
Peach 1
Peach 2

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