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B is for Banned: The Difference Between Airbnb and AVVAY

Erykah Badu once said, “I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my _______”. In the creative world, we know this to be more than true, but did you know that it also applies to people who lease their homes through AirBnB? It may seem odd and totally unrelated, however there are numerous message boards that say otherwise. People leasing their homes through the renowned service are becoming irate with renters using their homes for creative work instead of for the sightseeing and sleeping that it was meant for.


From a glance, creating in a rented space may not seem like a big deal. Because of this exact mistake, reading the fine print is more important than ever. Using a rented space outside of the presented restrictions can result in extra fees, or worse. Believe it or not, some creatives who have produced content in their AirBnB’s without permission have been banned from the service entirely




Yes, a renter can ask their host for permission to use the space how they’d like, but this could result in shelling out more money for the same stay, another contract, or even a full cancelation. The issues from the homeowners’ perspective revolve around excessive damages, unwanted exposure, and the creation of revenue-generating content they don’t approve of.

In these cases, they are homeowners, and they’re sensitive about their home.

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Despite the presented technicalities with AirBnB, there is a solution with AVVAY. Unlike AirBnB, AVVAY was created specifically for creative people, projects, and events. Through our platform, you can get exactly what you need: a space for creating. Instead of paying a major fee for a limited time frame (or paying for more time than you actually need), AVVAY exposes you to an array of unique spaces that are available to rent by the hour for your next project or event. Work risk free directly with local hosts who are excited to have you.

So for your next creative adventure, remember that where you create matters, so don’t get caught in an unnecessary legal battle.


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