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Back & Forth: The Lost Art of Retrospection.

I was thinking this morning about how so often, in the ever-faster, ever-more future focussed lanes that we, as creatives, are working within, we are encouraged to “never look back,” “push forward,” and “hustle.” Don’t get me wrong, I fully back the value of all of these calls to action.

However, I also feel like I too often forget to slow down and practice the lost art of retrospection.

By this I simply mean that sometimes the best fuel is found by remembering. Recalling the achievements you’ve accomplished, the challenges you’ve been able to overcome, the lessons learned, even through failure. It seems that the more I look back at all the good AND the frustrations of my journey, the more grateful I feel to be where I am today. And I truly think that gratefulness and contentedness are oddly enough, one of the biggest creative catalysts. When we have a full perspective on where we have come from, and who we are because of that journey, we are better equipped and fueled to move ahead into the future.

So here’s to the strong ones, willing to stop. Willing to pause and take a glance backward in order to more vibrantly move onward. It’s all part of the journey, so embrace it all and keep going, friends.

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