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Colleges and Content Marketing: How AVVAY Can Help Your Institution

Marketing is everywhere. It has been an element of business for as long as most of us can remember, engaging our interests in one way or another. Today, the classic ways of marketing have evolved to new heights. Instead of having things strictly on paper and pamphlets, more businesses and institutions are using content marketing.

But wait, what makes content marketing different than just plain old marketing? Trust us, there is a huge effective difference for any group of people wanting to better engage with their audience, including institutions of higher education. With there being new graduates and eager students every year and a plethora of ways to advance their education, content marketing is essential in making sure potential students know all their options and academic institutions are exhibiting what students really want from them. Essentially, with higher education, content marketing is important in making sure that everyone gains what they’re looking for.

How It Works

McGuire Editorial published an article highlighting ten examples of higher education using content marketing effectively. The article touches on how content marketing is the best way to engage students and the community outside of print. It suggests that focusing on what students want to hear helps to make better overall community connections. Instead of focusing on self promotion and advertising, content marketing is more helpful. It helps to potentially answer target audience questions and build trust.
How You Can Implement It

Of course the next valid question is, what does content marketing look like in the world of higher education? If it is coming so highly recommended, why haven’t you seen it fleshed out? And, more importantly, how does AVVAY fit into all of this? No worries. We have answers. Shannon Lanus with mStoner wrote an article about how content marketing can best recruit students. The top five ideas suggested for content marketing included strategically repurposing content, creating long term collaborations, filming a short documentary series, recording a themed podcast, and producing voice over content.

How AVVAY Can Help

At a glance, all of these ideas seem very nontraditional for higher education. However, despite their new nature, they are very effective in creating engaging relationships with students. These approaches make prospective students feel more personally connected with the intuitions beyond their branded images and logos. Yet despite how beneficial this marketing approach may be, a large reason why it is not put into effect is because of resources. If you did create a podcast, where would you record it? A documentary series seems like a great idea, but where would you hold interviews? Here is where AVVAY becomes one of your most useful resources to date.

Offering a variety of locations from photo studios to meet-up venues, AVVAY can help you take those first steps to creating the ideal creative content that you’ve been picturing. Because we help you get spaces by the hour, you’re able to get exactly what you’re looking for without any extra hassle or waste of resources. We provide that small step forward to creating your next amazing piece of content. All you have to do is pick a space.

Different, yet simple. If this was a course on convenient ways to create content, consider yourself a graduate. We can’t wait to see what you make in our spaces!

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