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Community Spotlight: Maci Shingleton & Trimble House

We love interacting with our community! From highlighting them and their background, to promoting their work, we love helping advance creatives and their process. Maci Shingleton, a marketing coordinator at Provident, definitely is no exception.  

“I’m constantly looking for cool and practical venues for video shoots, ” said Shingleton. ” AVVAY has been a massive game changer. Simple and to the point, it’s eliminated a lot of venue-search headaches!”

Shingleton’s most recent project was a beautifully minimalistic acoustic video shoot for “Love Song” by One Sonic Society featuring Elle Limebar at Trimble House. The composition of the music in an open space creates a very immersive experience you have to see for yourself!

Photo Sep 25, 3 25 50 PM (1) - MACI

With her website, Shingleton’s helps churches find new music and gives them full access to modern sounds of worship. We think this is a great resource, and are huge fans of Maci and her creative team! Thanks for being such a valuable part of our AVVAY community, Maci!

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