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Separation plays a huge part in art. Funny how simple, yet absolutely accurate this reality is. Just like in life, how the bad days make the good days more vibrant, and even how struggle makes achievement all the sweeter, it’s the contrast, the differences in art, and in us, the artists, that make art so beautiful.

Another reality within which we work is the fact that often times it is the unlikely combinations, or the unconventional synthesis of two elements that in the end creates something more beautiful than theory alone would ever allow. It is the existence of contrast in art that we believe plays a powerful role in what we aim to accomplish through AVVAY.

We know that as creatives, we are all on an endless journey, ever-searching for our next dose of inspiration. Monotony is one of our biggest enemies. We need contrast in our everyday lives in order to maintain our own creative sanity in a sense. It is this pursuit of inspiration that has driven much of our mission at AVVAY. One of our biggest hopes is that our creative community will be able to have access to new spaces full of inspiration and that in finding such spaces we will all be able to keep creating like never before.

The Silent Planet Studio, Nashville, Tenn.

Maybe you are a photographer, feeling a bit tapped out in terms of locations in your city. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place you could go to find an inspiring space, right now, right where you are? Or even wherever your next shoot may take you? Or for the suburban songwriter, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could go write in an urban loft downtown? Or go demo your new track in a warehouse recording space that is only a mile from you? These are the types of opportunities for inspiration that we are so excited to help make possible for our community. We want artists of all types, from photographers to musicians, dancers to authors, and designers to artisans, to be able to keep creating and not be restricted by their everyday spaces. We truly believe that we, as creatives, are stronger when we work together. And we hope that you will join us in our pursuit of making inspiration acessible like never before.

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