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Creative Work.

It’s an odd combination isn’t it? The idea of being an artist, a creative, a “free spirit” who must create with enough regularity and consistency to pay the bills and continue our journey. It’s a clash in many ways for sure. Yet, the challenge is worth it, and the nine to five alternative may be the most terrifying fuel of all.

With all the advancements in technology and the web, the overall consensus for humanity, or the overarching goal rather, is to refine our lives. The goal, for most industries is more efficiency (which often unfortunately and ironically translates into less human touch).

Work smarter, not harder. Right?

As creatives, this only halfway makes sense. I think this is because we like what we do overall, so we typically don’t have that “how can I do this less, so I can go do what I really want to do” mentality. We also thrive in the reality that our work, our art, is created by and for humans. I think more specifically, as creatives, entrepreneurs, founders, makers, and doers, we simply always see the next steps, the next projects, the next chapter of our journey. We are never satisfied, which is absolutely a blessing and a curse.

This being the case, we fully agree that we need to always be working smarter, refining our workflows, reinventing our norm, redefining our vision.

But in order to do this, we must (a) utilize the creativity and innovation of our peers and (b) use those resources to apply ourselves in new ways, and work on a new level. Not less, but more. But not working more just to feel like we are working hard. We work hard toward our goal with a refined target while empowered by ever refined tool-belts.

Some of the technological tools that are taking over in our creative world are things like Dropbox and Slack. Both of these have played massive roles in the development of AVVAY. We have co-founders scattered across the country, all designing, developing, writing, and sharing all the ideas that are involved in the process of launching a tech startup. Thanks to our creative friends, we have tools to help us continue our creative journey. This is exactly what we want AVVAY to be. Another tool in an arsenal of creative resources with which our community can be enriched and empowered.

So we journey on. Innovative tools in hand. Working smarter AND harder for the sake of our goals, art, and our community.

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