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Discover The Best Quinceanera Venues in Dallas

One of the primary ways AVVAY helps our amazing community is by providing an array of inspiring space options for virtually any project or event. Recently, we’ve had the amazing honor of helping some of our Dallas area customers find quinceanera venues.

They are truly amazing events that we can only imagine getting an invite to! Regardless of the invite or not, we want to shine some light on this culture based celebration. If you’re not familiar with it, a quinceañera, also known as a “quince” or “quinceaños”,  is a cultural coming of age celebration in the Latino community.

Highlighting the transition into womanhood, this event takes place for a girl’s fifteenth birthday.  It’s both a religious and social event, and emphasizes the importance of family and community in the girl’s life. The event begins with mass, with a celebration afterward. At the celebration, the birthday girl may participate in symbolic rituals to show her transition, like having heels placed on her feet. Typically, she will perform a waltz type dance with her court of damas and chamberlains. Although this celebration originally meant that the young girl was ready for marriage, it now celebrates her life and acknowledges that she can formally date.

In honor of this beautiful event, we’ve made this list of possible quinceanera halls, venues, and other spaces in the Dallas area that we hope will help you along in the planning of your special event.

Wax Space Event Center

Discover The Best Quinceanera Venues in Dallas -
Wax Space 3

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Soar Creative – Kitchen

Soar Kitchen 3
Soar Kitchen 2
Soar Kitchen

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Sixty Five Hundred

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sixtyfivehundred 1

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Event Space


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The Game Room


The Game Room can be rented along with the adjoining garden room for expanded capacity and vibe. Check out The Garden Room here!

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