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Discovery: The Pulse Of Our Vision For The Future Of The Creative Community

The idea behind AVVAY is straight forward. As we have discussed in previous posts, we wanted to solve a problem that we, ourselves, were facing. In the process, we have since learned that this is a problem many of you in our creative community have faced as well. The need to quickly and efficiently find creative space.

While this remains our core goal, a challenge which we have spent the last year and a half refining our answer to via the soon-to-be launched, what truly excites us is the element of discovery that will naturally rise from what we are creating in this new platform. Our community will have access to a wide variety of professional creative spaces such as recording studios, photography spaces, music and dance rehearsal studios, video locations, and more. However, what we aim to encourage is the opening of the unexpected doors of creativity.

We want our community to do what it does best, create. Imagine. Then reimagine. Innovate. We are so excited to see basements, barns, lofts, repurposed warehouses, rebuilt garages, backyards, front yards, and a vibrant array of other such spaces come alive with new ideas, new inspiration and new perspectives.

We aren’t just a company wanting to make a buck on the expected. In fact, we are investing in the unexpected. Trusting in the realty that our community is one that continually rises to the occasion.

We celebrate individuality and artistic authenticity. So we are of course greatly fueled by the potential of those who will use our site not only as a resource to find and list creative spaces, but also as a place to be inspired and encouraged to keep pressing on in our individual artistic endeavors.

We want people to think differently. To open up their minds to new ideas about what a creative space COULD look like. Most of all, we want to simply provide a place for our community to connect and resources to help each other keep creating. We believe in what is about to happen through AVVAY. Because we believe in our community and its track record of going above and beyond any expectations in ways that could never be planned for, measured, or estimated.

We are so excited for you all to see what we have been working on… Thanks for believing in us. I promise…the feeling is mutual.

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