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Diversify: Using AVVAY As A Creative Revenue Stream

In the creative world today, more than ever before, it is crucial that we keep our artistic eggs in multiple baskets. Even if your main thing, is sustainable, let’s be honest, it never hurts to have a few other avenues through which you can generate income and inspiration.

Creatives have the ability to diversify their revenue streams like virtually no one else can.

For instance, I am a full time freelance graphic designer. Meaning, this is how I primarily pay my bills. I have worked extremely hard to build my business but still, like all of us, I experience waves of uncertainty in those slow times between jobs. Thus I lean on my other skills to fill some gaps depending on the season I am in. for example, while I was touring a a guitarist for about 10 years, I always had some design work going on the side. Currently I am not touring and have switched to design full time but still lean on some songwriting and other music opportunities to fill in the cracks. I am also slowly growing into some photography roles as yet another outlet for creativity and as another avenue of financial growth.

All of this is to simply say something we all understand whether we realize it or not. We are creative, and wired to have our irons in multiple fires. It’s not only artistically natural, it’s vital.

With this in mind, we set out to make AVVAY not only a powerful resource for those who are looking to rent creative space, but likewise as an enriching tool with which space owners, with creative locations, ranging from professional recording studios to home co-work offices and living room photo spaces, will have the ability to list their unique spaces for free and have complete control over pricing and scheduling plus have direct communication with their guests all through the streamlined AVVAY dashboard interface.

Suddenly, an unused basement could be listed as a perfect low-noise rehearsal space for local bands to enjoy, while another living room that hasn’t been sat in for 15 years could suddenly come to life as the location for a photographer’s next lifestyle shoot. Just like that, spaces around the globe could suddenly be creating new revenue for their owners that simply didn’t exist before.

An economic boost is on the horizon for our community, and our goal is that this is only the beginning of what will be a vibrant shift in the way inspiration is accessed and art is created.

We truly believe that with AVVAY, our community will be able to find inspiration everywhere. That is our mission. That wherever our art takes us, we will find our friends there waiting with open doors to inspiration. And that through the whole process, we are all able to find what we need, to keep making our art.

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