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As we near our beta launch, I wanted to start digging more into some of the details of the AVVAY DNA, and how we intend to empower and enrich our creative community.

As we have already shared in previous posts, AVVAY’s mission is to provide a reliable headquarters where creatives of all types and genres will be able to find, book, and list their own individual creative spaces.

Finding Space

Today’s blog will cover the first element of the power of AVVAY: The search for space.

What we have discovered through our own creative backgrounds and experience is the challenge of finding creative space. For the traveling musician making a record, or writing, a photographer in need of ongoing access to new locations, or a videographer, dancer, artisan, or graphic designer looking for your own specific space, for your individual artistic needs. Across these vibrantly different artistic modes, the challenge remains the same. Finding reliable space, quickly and within your budget is tough.

Many photographers and videographers use AirBnB as one method of attempting to lock down their next location. Though there are clearly many properties on the AirBnB platform, as we all know, the process of getting clearance and approval for the wide range of creative uses of those properties is a whole other process and challenge that can surely be exhausting.

AVVAY will allow you to simply sign up for a free account, search for the type of space you need (music, photography, event, co-working, etc) and book it for the time you need. No more minimum length of stays (which can get unnecessarily expensive), meaning you can book a space for the specific hours you need. Freeing up your budget while also giving the space owner more available hours to book their next guest. Our community will suddenly have access to an unprecedented collection of spaces ranging from high end commercial recording studios to bedroom demo rigs. Professional downtown photography studios to urban loft video editing suites. Cozy writing rooms, dance rehearsal spaces, co-working dream-spaces, and an array of undiscovered gems being brought to public light for the first time ever.

This is AVVAY. We want to empower the creative community by providing access to inspiration.

In our next article we will dig more into the tool that AVVAY also gives the creative community through the ability to list your space for free, opening up new streams of revenue that you never thought existed.

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