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Overnight Rental Host Resource: NoiseAware

One of our primary goals is to continue to bring our community valuable tools and resources. While all of our hosts have opened their doors to creative projects and events, many also rent their spaces out as traditional overnight rentals on other platforms like Airbnb & VRBO. That being the case, we want to share an awesome product we learned about recently with you.

NoiseAware is a device that helps property owners and managers keep a close eye (or ear rather) on their space to make sure noise levels stay within a safe range during a guest’s stay.

NoiseAware is a smart sensor equipped with noise monitoring technology that gives space owners an easy way to keep an ear on their property with features including quick plug-n-play setup, management dashboard that can handle multiple properties, and instant alerts via SMS and email.

For a host, technology like NoiseAware can be helpful in maintaining the integrity of your overnight rental property, and we love seeing companies creating products like this that are helping people gain more value with their spaces.

Use code “AVVAY” and get 15% off your own NoiseAware monitoring system


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