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Opposition is Opportunity

It’s so good to get beat up

Let’s be real. As artists, we don’t always like being pushed around or challenged. We like our space, our time, our methods, our trusty process and beloved workflow. Don’t get me wrong, these are all absolutely valuable and necessary elements in our creative world, but I am realizing more and more lately how much we not only benefit from opposition, but how crucial it is to creative growth.

When we started AVVAY we had a simple idea to solve a real problem in our own lives. Then we started building. Vividly inspired and blissfully ignorant.

But, like all projects, especially startups, we began to run into issues, and hurdles, and crashes, and burnouts, and errors. But each time we hit a dark spot in the journey we didn’t give up or just move on. And every time we hunkered down and faced the challenges we always grew, learned, refined our processes, and continued to get stronger as a team and saw our project continue to become richer and more valuable.

We are learning more and more how the dark roads of development are what prepare you best for the light of the future. I think, if I’m honest, I have too often through my creative career taken the easy road to completion. To many times I missed the brutal yet beautiful process of growth that is only found in walking straight into the fire of refinement.

Critique, competition and opposition of virtually every kind can and should be seen as opportunities for enrichment.

As creatives, what if we made our goal to simply grow? To be authentic enough to admit that challenges suck, but bold enough to face them head-on and let the struggle be what makes us stronger?

If AVVAY completely crashed and burned one day (WHICH IT WILL NOT!!!), I would have zero regrets. I am so grateful for all the ways that we have all, both individually and corporately, been challenged and pushed to be better, to learn and to rise above opposition. We cannot wait to see what the future holds and I know that no matter what tries to knock us down, we are exponentially stronger with every challenge we face.

Keep creating, everybody.

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