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Original Photo by Evan Kirby

Sometimes we can get so carried away with our ventures, projects, goals, processes, checklists, or whatever else we spend our days striving for, we can forget a simple, yet crucial element of it all. As creatives, we, more than anyone else really, must remember that art, and all of life for that matter, is about people. Humans.

The human element of life is beautiful. The relational aspect of any venture is inspiring. This isn’t simply some artistic reflection, it’s business 101. What do all businesses, no matter how corporate, need? Customers. Clients. Consumers. The list goes on. Another word for these necessities, is people. The trouble happens when people are reduced only to such statistics, or graphs reflecting a bottom line.

In this way we, as AVVAY, want to stand in stark contrast to this corporate norm. We are a company founded by creatives, developed by people, grown by relationships. We believe that as the creative community, our art is to be embraced by people, and that our creations can move and impact minds and lives. It is the human aspect of life and art that inspires and fuels us as a company, and as a community.

So here’s the real bottom line. Maybe we ought to think of people as….people. As artists, we have the opportunity to not only recognize humanity, but even more so, we have the powerful skills to celebrate people, their individuality, and their undeniable purpose and place in life.

So here’s to the humans. Here’s to creating with people in mind.

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