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Prepare To Pivot: The Art Of Going With The Flow

The more we have continued to dig into the building of AVVAY, the more and more I realize how much the development and operation of a startup is very much in line with the operation of our individual creative journeys. The biggest thing I am learning on both fronts? It is imperative that we continue to refine our ability to simply roll with it.

When it comes to creativity and the creative process, what does it mean to roll with it though? I think it has a lot to do with the little mistakes, the small unexpected challenges, and the reality that it is all of the setbacks that ironically propel us forward in our art.

“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”
Roger Crawford

For instance, if we are so set in our ways that we exhaust ourselves within the four walls of our limited perspective, our creative progress is stunted. And our artistic growth is halted. Art is best brought to life when it is unleashed from the confines of our expectations, which are more often than not, limited to a certain set of parameters that ought not to exist in the first place. The more we learn to face a challenge and let the solution find us I believe we will continue to see our art begin to shape us as artists, rather than the other way around.

We see this in virtually every startup, the reality is that a product is at its best when its users reveal what they need through creatively using the product. Often in ways that the creators never imagined possible in the early stages of development. So what is the point? The goal, in my opinion, is to approach all art, all creative attempts, with the mindset that it is likely that what we are creating is larger, more powerful, and has more potential than we could ever dream. Isn’t that a more inspiring approach anyway?

We are so excited to see how our community creativity utilizes AVVAY. We are confident that as much as we believe in what we are building, that you will be the ones to make it amazing and take it to places we could never have dreamed. And we can’t wait.

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