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Selfish: We Want Things To Be Better. For All Of Us

Last week we talked a little more in depth about how AVVAY plans on empowering the creative community with a more focussed and in depth creative space search solution. Today I wanted to look more into the reservation process. This is, after all, where AVVAY was born from. Our own realization, through frustration, that there needed to be a better way to create on the go, to make our art no matter where we are.

In many ways, AVVAY is selfish. We want the process of finding and booking creative space to be easier, better, more focussed and fruitful.

So we can keep creating. And we think our whole community will raise a glass to that goal.

When you sign up for a free AVVAY account you are given access to a powerful new tool, the AVVAY creative dashboard. Here, you will have access to all of your account info, your reservations, your messages with space hosts, and more.

The beauty of the AVVAY reservation process is that we wanted to give the creative, in search of space, the ability to search and request their needed time at multiple prospective locations in order to cast the net wide and not be stuck without a space when your project, job, client, and relationships hang in the balance. We’ve been there. It sucks.

Thus, we’ve implemented a reservation confirmation process that leaves the final say in the creative guest’s hands. For instance, let’s say you, the guest, are looking to book a studio space for a video shoot in Los Angeles. You need it for 3 consecutive days in July. Therefore, you send requests to five potential spaces on AVVAY. All five of these individual space hosts will receive a message regarding your request for the exact same dates. Next you get messages back from three of these spaces all accepting your requested reservation dates. Suddenly, you have your pick of three amazing spaces in Los Angeles, that you have hand selected, that are all now available for your use. Great news! You can now simply confirm the space you want to book for your project and you are good to go.

However, let’s say your client/project springs a last minute change on you right as you are looking to finalize your space selection. (Not that things EVER change last minute in our creative world). Suddenly, the client needs to make sure a few amenities are going to be available at the shoot location: high speed wifi, a refrigerator, and an espresso machine onsite. Luckily, one of the three spaces you have in your dashboard offer wifi and a full kitchen with, what the hosts describes as a “high end coffee machine.” You fire over a quick message to the host who quickly replies with confirmation that the coffee machine is indeed an espresso machine and book the space.

It’s a nice world when the client is happy. And caffeinated. And it’s a really nice world when you have the space you need to make it all happen. The main thing we wanted to ensure in the process of creating all of our resources and systems was that the creative was given the power and flexibility to find and book the space they need for the time that they need it. Not being forced into agreements due to double-bookings, not being stuck in a multi-day commitment when all they need is a few hours, and not being buried by limited and irrelevant searches for the space in the first place.

AVVAY wants creatives to have the power to search and book the space they need so they can make the art they want.

We aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel here, friends. We can’t say it enough, we simply want to make things better. From searching for creative space, to reserving and using space in order to continue to grow in our art. We want to work together to make things better. For all of us.

Next week we will dig deeper into listing space with AVVAY.

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