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Shooting in Indoor Lighting: Great Tips From 3 Leading Dallas Photographers

You are a talented photographer and today you’re embarking on a new project! The equipment is in place, the wardrobe is spectacular, and the models are on time, but something could make it better. You look around the great space you’ve rented and it hits you. The indoor lighting. How can you manipulate it just right for what you’re looking for? So many possibilities, but what is the best approach?

We know that this is one of the common scenarios for an enthused photographer ready to get creative. Hoping to help, we found a few Dallas photographers who have shared some fantastic tips and tricks for your next experiment with indoor lighting. Check them out!

4 Tips for Shooting Indoors in Low Light from Megan Weaver

Blogger, photographer, and educator Megan Weaver offers four tips for fashion bloggers partaking in indoor photo shoots with low lighting. These hacks are ideal for avoiding the cold weather, but still capturing that perfect look. Noting things on positioning, camera functions, and the use of the creative eye, Weaver gives great advice to consider for your next indoor creation!

Seeing Light from Andrew Knowles of AJK Images

Knowles’ blog was inspired by a Felix Kunze tutorial and highlights the differences in lighting setups for portrait photography. On a teal backdrop, he tests two different light setups with a variety of modifiers. Here, Knowles is exposing the slight differences that can change the entire mood of your creation, making this a must read blog before your next shoot!

Tips for Indoor Photoshoots from Alba Rose Photography

Alba Rose Photography is well versed in high class wedding photography and portraits, making their advice more than useful for the up and coming creative. In their blog, Alba Rose Photography offers four easy steps for indoor photo shoots that can take what you’re capturing to the next level! This blog encourages you to use the entirety of the space and gives specific camera tricks that will give the ideal light for your photos.

With these helpful blogs in mind, here are some AVVAY locations in Dallas to consider for your next project:

Drevizion Studios

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Hotel Kelleyfornia

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LUCID Studio

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