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The Difference: Dissecting The X-Factor

What makes an artist stand out from the others? What is that x-factor that is virtually impossible to truly identify? We think it has pretty much everything to do with authenticity and real life experience. We believe that this element, more than any others, is what sets our own company apart.

We do of course believe in the product itself: a new resource with which artists of virtually every genre and discipline will be able to quickly find, book, and list their own creative spaces resulting in inspiration being accessible like never before and allowing freelancers and creative entrepreneurs to create brand new revenue streams while simultaneously boosting the artistic community and economy. However, the very reason we believe in the product isn’t because of a simple corporate answer to a logistical question or problem. It’s because of people.

We believe in AVVAY because we believe in the people both behind and ahead of AVVAY.

By this I simply mean that it is the unified yet unique experiences and backgrounds behind the founders of our company that sets us apart. It is absolutely our experience and our own memberships in the community we want to impact that we believe is what will allow AVVAY to grow our community for the better. What some of you may or may not know is that every one of our founders has toured extensively as professional musicians and represent the diversity of the very market we hope to impact.

We are studio owners, graphic designers, web developers, photographers, and entrepreneurs. We are the very people we want to reach.

Maybe this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but let’s put it in perspective real fast. Wouldn’t we all prefer to invest our time and money in a product or a company that is full of people who are just like us? Who not only “get it,” but who get it not due to the latest data research from their corporate marketing research team but rather simply because they have been there, in the grind, working their tails off to bring their dreams to life every day? You see, we aren’t a bunch of suits in an office who believe they have found a market that they can take advantage of while the money iron is hot. We are us. You and me. The community of artists chasing dreams. We believe in what we do just like we always have since our first garage bands. We are still on our individual journey’s pursuing the art we believe in. And for this season, we are honored to get to be in this together as one company known as AVVAY.

We just want you all to know that while we do absolutely believe in our product, we also know that a product is meaningless without the people that it can help. It’s only because we believe in our community that we think this can all work to make the future brighter for us all.

In the coming weeks we will begin introducing you all to some of the faces behind AVVAY. Thanks for believing in us. Keep up the good work this week, everybody!

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