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We Are Weird: Why Humans Are So Oddly Beautiful

As I was driving the other day I ended up on one of those mental rabbit trails that happens when you drive alone and sort of zone out. The kind where you are conscious enough to stay on the road but detached enough to sort of just relax and think. I love those drives.

It hit me, and has honestly been hitting me over the last few years, how strange we are as humans, especially as artists. It’s true.

We are really really weird. I had this picture, as if you were to look at the Earth from say, Saturn, and see all of the activity that is taking place while we are suspended in space on this giant sphere (stay with me, I know this sounds ultra detached right now). What hit me was how interesting humans are. While animals and nature kind of just keep going, in their expected patterns, day after day, in their respective eco systems, humans are, well, very clearly different.

We, people, every one of us, long to be heard, to express our individuality, to have purpose and make an impact in our life and on the world. Humans, when taking the Saturn view, are scattered across the world, and for thousands of years have been singing, dancing, painting, crafting, building, yelling, screaming, and composing. All to express ourselves, the person, the human soul, that is so clearly different from everything else in the world. If we were just like the rest of nature, we should simply be interested in hunting for our food, and surviving. But instead, we, people, have Mozart. Kurt Cobain. Ernest Hemingway. Ansel Adams. Vincent van Gogh. Bono. Tupac.

Why am I writing a blog right now? Why are you reading this blog? Because we are people, and people are full of this ache to create. And that makes us beautifully weird.

We could go on an on here, but the main point that I was hungry to share with our community is simply that you are weird. And I think that rules, because I’m weird too. I’m so glad that we get to wake up every day and make choices, we get to start with the blank canvas today, no matter how terrible yesterday’s attempts were.

We get to decide if we will sing or dance today. We get to be the noisemakers and the game-changers.

This whole thing may ONLY make sense to me right now, and that’s ok, but I think we can all once again relate to the reality that life, and art, is about people, and that is such a good thing. This theme is at the core of AVVAY and our goal is to continue to learn more and more how we can enrich and inspire our community on the people level. Because let’s be honest, people, weird people, make life beautiful.

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