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What Is AVVAY?

I wanted to take a minute today to simply give some more foundational information on who and what we are as a company as well as give you an update on where we are at in our launch process.

The Silent Planet Studio, Nashville, Tenn.

A little over a year ago, Jon, our CEO, had an idea. In a nutshell, Jon had been on tour and was attempting to simultaneously produce/track a full length record. The process of finding space to track and create the record while bouncing from city to city proved far more challenging than expected (Read more about that story here). Ultimately, through the process, what became crystal clear was that there was a problem that desperately needed to be solved. The answer, known as AVVAY, was born.

What also quickly became clear in our initial stages was that the struggle to quickly and efficiently find creative space was by no means limited to the music world. This is a problem that needed to be solved for all creatives.

From photographers to graphic designers, and from authors to dancers, the creative world needed a place, a single focussed destination, where virtually any artist could go to find individual locations and spaces to fit their equally unique creative needs. AVVAY is like AirBnB for creative spaces.

AVVAY, now made up of six of us, has developed into what we believe will be a revolutionary platform and resource with which we hope to empower and enrich our creative community. You see, AVVAY was founded by producers, designers, and developers, all of whom have been professional touring musicians. We get it, we’ve been there, we are in this together to make things better for us all.

What we hope to do with AVVAY is provide a web-based resource where creatives of all types can come to quickly find the most inspiring spaces with which to keep creating. However, the really amazing part of AVVAY is that creatives will not only have unprecedented access to unbelievably inspiring spaces, but we will all also have the ability to list our own creative spaces on AVVAY….for free.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, do you have a garage you aren’t using that would be a great space for a local band to rehearse in? Or do you have a naturally lit living room that would be an ideal spot for a lifestyle shoot for a photographer who is in town looking for a space? How would you like to be able to list your space, no matter how “normal,” and set all your own pricing and scheduling through your personal dashboard, allowing the creative community to have access to your space while simultaneously making money in the process?

We have been developing the idea and the site itself for the last year now. To update you all, we are in the final stages of the site development and will soon be beta launching in the Nashville area. Once we are in beta, the plan is to quickly move into our next cities, Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA.

Though our website is not quite live, there is plenty you can do to get involved immediately.

We will keep you all updated as we continue our progress! We are so grateful for all of the support we have already received from all of you who already follow us on social media and those of you who have signed up at! We are honored to be on this journey with you all.

Here’s to the bright future of the creative community!

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