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What makes art, and more importantly the artist unique and impactful? Is it simply the tools, gear, or even the space? We believe that authenticity is the most important element of both art and the artist. If the artist is concerned with impacting his or her audience that is. We are clearly all about creative spaces here at AVVAY.

But we would be fools to overlook the fact that it is the artist that brings a space to life. It is the individuality of the artist that makes a space equally unique.

Think about it, none of us want to hear Eminem sing a Taylor Swift ballad. We for SURE do not ever want to hear Taylor rap….anything. As silly as it sounds, what is the reason that we laugh at the very idea of these scenarios? Why is this such an obvious joke? Because Eminem is who he is because of his own journey and experience, inspiration and influence. You can’t pretend in art. If you do, the art will reveal itself as a fake, and more importantly, it won’t move the audience. And isn’t that the ultimate goal for all of us? To have an impact?

We’ve talked before about the human factor of art and how it is, in many ways, the center of all that we apply ourselves to. With that in mind, it makes sense that at the core of your art, is you the person. So how can you most effectively impact your audience? By being the most authentic and transparent version of you possible.

We don’t need replicas of them, we need more of us.

Because if we can all be comfortable in our own creative skin, and work hardest at simply being ourselves, our community will surely continue to grow into a more enriched and impacting environment. As cliché as the saying goes, it is absolutely true: there is only one you.

So here’s to you. And me. And us. Simply being the most us as possible.

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