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Reaching Your Creative Dreams From Right Where You Are

As a creative person, you, like myself, likely things you would like to achieve. These could be personal dreams or business goals, or the most likely situation is a blurry synthesis of the two. This is the reality of the entrepreneur.

We are artists. We live our lives in the blur. In the vibrant yet chaotic waters of creativity and business.

A good friend and mentor of mine spoke some truly profound wisdom into me over this last year. While discussing how to steady my design company’s financial seas, he encouraged me to “think more about my thinking.” In other words, the more that we get caught up in chasing our goals and a bottom line the more we get tunnel vision and lose the TRUE vision of our art and our businesses.

We need to spend time thinking about the way we are thinking of our goals. Sometimes, often in fact, this feels more like a speed bump than a launchpad. But this type of pause causes progress. I promise. When we stop to refocus on the vision of our art it causes us to see all the ways that we are working too hard on things that aren’t helping us get to those goals. Taking a step back will often be the thing that will catapult us forward like never before.

Thinking smarter here will get us there…better.

This has been the story of AVVAY thus far. Lots of time thinking, planning, building, re-building, and re-building again. Every problem fixed reveals five more challenges to face. But isn’t this art? Isn’t this creative entrepreneurship? Absolutely. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. As we near our beta launch we know the blood sweat and tears will pay off in ways far greater than a bottom line. We are creating a product that is going to grow our community as a whole. It has taken a lot of time here. In the present. Facing challenges and finding solutions. We know that the goals we have set will soon be in the rear view as we reach toward even bigger plans that never would have been possible without our patient and focussed time…here.

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