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Silver Lake

Hype Studios & Rentals

From $380/hr
What a find! This well-equipped studio in a prime location has everything needed for a great photo shoot or video shoot. From amazing downtown views to versatile backdrops to stylish decor, this incredible photo studio can help bring any creative vision to life!

Los Angeles

Arts District completely private photo studio with L-shaped cyclorama, in house equipment, large private parking lot for basecamp or outdoor shoots

From $260/hr
Versatile and spacious with a large L-shaped cyc wall that’s perfect for photo and video shoots, this well-equipped studio features plenty of space, private parking and great amenities!

Los Angeles

LED Full-Service Virtual Production Studio

From $89/hr
This versatile, well-equipped production studio features a large LED video wall and great amenities. With so much to offer for interviews, music video shoots, film projects and more, we highly recommend booking this multi-purpose studio to help bring your creative vision to life!

Downtown Los Angeles

DTLA Loft Neo Studio, whimsical arches, Downtown views

From $95/hr
This whimsical loft studio with downtown views is truly a stunner featuring a soft color palette, unique arches and playful decor. Book your next photo or video shoot at this gorgeous space and make your creative dreams come true!

Los Angeles

DTLA Library Loft with skyline view

From $85/hr
This open and spacious apartment loft meets library boasts amazing industrial elements, cozy decor and tons of bookshelves. With gorgeous natural light, exposed brick and plenty of windows, its the perfect spot for photo shoots, film projects, commercials and more!

Los Angeles

Photo studio / Film location in a DTLA Penthouse Loft

From $95/hr
This incredible loft located in a vintage 1920s building features rustic industrial elements, trendy decor, a seamless backdrop, and loads of gorgeous natural light!

Los Angeles

The Jesus Wall Rental Studio

From $75/hr
This unique warehouse studio features high ceilings, multiple backgrounds, two bathtubs, eclectic decor, and so much more! With such a huge variety of ways to use this incredible space, it’s a perfect choice for any shoot!

Downtown Los Angeles

Luxury Modern Downtown Loft with Huge Windows

From $100/hr
Bright and airy, this contemporary loft with gorgeous views of the city features stylish decor, warm wood floors and tons of natural light making it a great choice for any shoot!

Los Angeles

RGB Music Video Exclusive Industrial Studio

From $35/hr
This amazing, unique studio with several lighting options and an urban, industrial vibe is the perfect versatile space for your next project!

Los Angeles

Photoroom Rentals

From $100/hr
This spacious, multi-purpose industrial photo studio features over 2000 square feet of versatile shooting areas, both interior and exterior, as well as beautiful natural light, great amenities, and modern warehouse vibes. We highly recommend booking it for your next photo shoot or film project!

Los Angeles

Brightly Lit Colorful Multi Set Production Studio / Event Space

From $45/hr
This unique and colorful studio features multiple modern looks, vibrant walls, trendy decor, great open space, and more! Check it out for your next project or event!

Los Angeles

Flexible Multi-Dimensional Production Venue

From $1500/hr
Talk about versatile! This expansive, multi-purpose venue boasts seven unique spaces from art galleries to outdoor courtyards to a night club and so much more. With multiple blank canvas areas and almost 40,000 square feet to play with, get ready to explore endless creativity with photo shoots, video shoots, events and more!

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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, stands as an unparalleled destination for photoshoots and filming, renowned for its diverse settings and world-class infrastructure. From the iconic Hollywood Hills to the picturesque beaches of Malibu, LA offers a wealth of stunning backdrops that cater to a wide range of creative visions. Its dynamic urban landscapes, including bustling city streets and eclectic neighborhoods, provide endless opportunities for capturing diverse scenes. Additionally, LA boasts state-of-the-art production facilities, sound stages, and post-production services, supporting seamless production processes. The city's rich cinematic history and thriving entertainment industry foster a culture of creativity and innovation, attracting filmmakers, photographers, and artists from around the globe. With favorable weather conditions year-round and a vibrant cultural scene, Los Angeles remains a top choice for bringing stories to life through the lens, making it an unparalleled hub for visual storytelling.

How much does it cost to rent photoshoot and film shoot locations in Los Angeles?

You can rent photoshoot locations in Los Angeles from $25.00/hr to $1500.00/hr.

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