Filming and Photo Shoot Locations For Rent in Boston

17 Locations


Sophisticated Farmhouse

From $275/hr
Classy and elegant, let this beautiful farmhouse take your breath away! Historic and newly renovated, this amazing home with stylish decor, gorgeous natural light and great outdoor space will help make your next photo or video shoot shine!


Large Industrial Flexible Loft in Historic Building North Of Boston

From $350/hr
This spacious, industrial warehouse-style loft located in a historic building boasts rich wood floors, exposed brick and beams, natural light, high ceilings, and so much more giving this gritty yet romantic venue endless versatility. It's a gorgeous blank canvas space that’s perfect for any type of photo shoot, film project or event!


Oceanfront Vintage MANSION with 70's/80's style, Arcade, Indoor Bar, Pool

From $300/hr
What a gem! This gorgeous vintage-style mansion on the water has it all from a bright arcade room to an ornate kitchen with rich wood accents to a grand spiral staircase and the list goes on. There’s even a modern 1,000 square foot addition! We highly recommend booking this sprawling camera-ready estate for any photo shoot, film project or event!


Bright Studio Loft with Exposed Brick and Open Layout

From $95/hr
This gorgeous, industrial meets rustic studio has it all from rich wood floors to beautiful exposed brick and amazing natural light throughout. With tons of versatility and multiple unique backdrops, we highly recommend booking this multi-purpose studio for your next photo shoot or video shoot!


Modern Home with Large Yard in Bridgewater on cul de sac

From $100/hr
This contemporary home with a big yard boasts modern features, cozy decor, and plenty of space inside and out. With so much to offer, you can’t go wrong booking this modern house for photo and video shoots of any kind!


177 Main

From $500/hr
This ornate Queen Anne Victorian manor home from the late 1800’s is a hidden gem! With multiple wood burning fireplaces, incredible original details, a butler’s pantry, high ceilings and a tranquil garden with gazebo, this stunning home in the middle of town is perfect for editorial photo shoots, commercial video shoots, film productions, documentaries and more!


Estate of Mind

From $100/hr
This sprawling estate and manor home is filled with vintage furnishings and Victorian detailing from the ballroom to the formal dining room and beyond. With gorgeous historical elements and plenty of unique spaces indoor and out, we highly recommend booking this incredible estate for editorial photo shoots, commercials, social media content, private events and more!


Retro Gaming Arcade, and Video Game Consoles Perfect For a Birthday Party or Large Gathering

From $65/hr
This spacious garage turned into a colorful arcade with retro games and plenty of room is great for parties, small events or photo shoots!


Industrial Daylight Cyc Studio located in the historical Higgins Armory Building

From $118/hr
This spacious, modern studio filled with bright natural light, industrial elements, huge windows, a large cyc wall, and so much more is a fantastic choice for your next photo or video shoot!


Joseph E. Fletcher House

From $250/hr
This gorgeous historic Victorian-style home is a dream come true! It boasts a myriad of original details, beautiful wood carvings and accents, unique wallpaper and murals, high ceilings, amazing gardens and so much more. We highly recommend booking this one-of-a-kind vintage home for your next photoshoot or film project!


Modern Scandinavian Farm House - Swimming Pool - Luxury Kitchen - 1 hour from Boston

From $600/hr
Wander north of Boston to find this secluded modern farmhouse with Scandinavian design, high ceilings, gorgeous natural light and amazing outdoor space including a pool and pool house. From a spacious luxurious kitchen to beautiful views of the landscape, you can’t go wrong booking this incredible modern home for editorial photo shoots, film productions, commercials and more!


Lavender Fields at Pumpkin Blossom Farm

From $100/hr
This gorgeous farm filled with lavender fields boasts a beautiful barn, historic colonial farmhouse, and so much more making this gem of a property the perfect choice for photoshoots, video shoots, and small events!

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About Boston

Boston, Massachusetts, offers a captivating backdrop for photoshoots and filming, blending rich history with modern charm and scenic beauty. The city's iconic landmarks, such as the historic Freedom Trail, cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill, and picturesque waterfront, provide a wealth of diverse settings for visual storytelling. Boston's blend of old-world charm and vibrant urban energy offers versatility to suit a range of creative visions. Additionally, the city boasts a thriving arts and culture scene, supportive community, and access to top-notch production facilities and services. With its four distinct seasons, Boston offers a variety of atmospheric backdrops throughout the year, from vibrant spring blooms to colorful fall foliage and snow-covered winter scenes. Whether capturing historical narratives or contemporary stories, Boston stands as a compelling choice for filmmakers and photographers seeking captivating locations and a blend of tradition and innovation.

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How much does it cost to rent photoshoot and film shoot locations in Boston?

You can rent photoshoot locations in Boston from $40.00/hr to $600.00/hr.

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