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Reinhold Music Studio

From $15/hr
If you're looking for a recording studio for rent in Portland or searching for "rehearsal space near me", check out Reinhold Music Studio. This beautiful space in a cozy home studio setting should do the trick.


Bungalow 9 Recording

From $50/hr
Bungalow 9 Recording is on the top of our Portland Recording Studios list. Highly recommend this recording studio space for your next project.


Oh! Creative Studio

From $45/hr
This versatile, multi-purpose studio features several seamless backdrops and is a fantastic blank slate for photo shoots, social media content, small video shoots and more!



From $95/hr
Bright and airy with loads of gorgeous natural light, this cozy guesthouse has it all! Featuring tasteful pops of color, stylish decor, a clean aesthetic, great patio space, and so much more!


13th Moon Gravity Well – Cozy Neighborhood Event Space & Bar w/ Fireplace

From $95/hr
This unique and cozy event space with a bar and fireplace boasts warm cabin vibes and amazing wood accents throughout. With plenty of room for events, live music shows and video shoots, you can’t go wrong booking this versatile venue!

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About Portland

Portland, Oregon, emerges as an exceptional destination for photoshoots and filming, celebrated for its natural beauty, eclectic urban landscapes, and creative spirit. The city's stunning scenery, including lush forests, scenic rivers, and the majestic backdrop of Mount Hood, offers a diverse range of backdrops for visual storytelling. Portland's charming neighborhoods, like the historic Pearl District and quirky Alberta Arts District, provide unique settings with distinct character. Additionally, the city's progressive culture, vibrant arts scene, and supportive community foster an environment conducive to creativity and innovation. Portland boasts state-of-the-art production facilities, sound stages, and post-production services, ensuring seamless production processes. With its mild climate and picturesque surroundings, Portland offers year-round shooting opportunities, from blooming spring landscapes to colorful fall foliage.

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How much does it cost to rent photoshoot and film shoot locations in Portland?

You can rent photoshoot locations in Portland from $5.00/hr to $1000.00/hr.

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