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The AVVAY community is built on trust, authenticity, and humility.

While we celebrate creativity and outside of the box thinking, we equally value people and the fact that every person ought to be treated with kindness and respect and our comments and critiques ought to align with that thinking.

That being said, the AVVAY blog is a place for ideas to be shared and for all of us to learn more about the people, places and projects happening within this community. Our aim is for this blog to be a home base for inspiration and discovery and not a place where people are torn down or treated poorly.

So let’s break it down a bit:

  1. Keep the comments thoughtful and helpful.
  2. Keep the discussion clean, no crude language or off color jokes.
  3. Keep the vibe positive. While we love constructive criticism, we do NOT like unnecessary negativity. Let’s build each other up shall we?
  4. No spamming. If you have an idea to share with the community, share it in fresh and authentic words, not copy and pasted content.
  5. We reserve the right to delete or not approve comments at our discretion.

Thanks for being part of the AVVAY community! Happy posting.