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Upstate Music Studios: Studio B

From $35/hr
Cozy and well-equipped studio that’s great for recording sessions, streaming, social media content and more!

Mt. Juliet

Fully Equipped Turnkey Production Studio

From $100/hr
This unique multi-level, well-equipped photo and video studio features a large cyclorama, lighting grid, multiple backdrops and optional camera packages making it a great blank slate for a variety of photo shoots, music video shoots, film productions and social media content!


Mid-Century Modern Cottage Ranch & Recording Studio

From $125/hr
If you’re looking for a mid-century modern gem of a home, this gorgeous vintage cottage is the place to book! It boasts retro decor, unique architecture, a cozy farmhouse kitchen, a vintage recording studio, and so much more tucked away on 1 acre of country land. We highly recommend checking out this bright and open mid-century home for your next creative shoot!


Layman Drug Company

From $250/hr
Layman Drug Company is one of the most vibe-y spots in town -- a great photo location, recording studio, music rehearsal space, and filming spot. Highly recommend!


The Old Nashville Church

From $195/hr
This gorgeous old church boasts beautiful pine floors and ceilings, several rows of pews and a grand piano along with a podium. This camera-ready church is the perfect backdrop for any photo or video shoot looking for a more traditional church style!


Ghosthood Studios

From $80/hr
This well-equipped recording studio features unique textures, natural light, great amenities, and a warm, contemporary style throughout the space!

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About Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee, emerges as an exceptional location for photoshoots and filming due to its multifaceted appeal. Renowned as the birthplace of country music, Nashville offers iconic landmarks like the Grand Ole Opry and the Ryman Auditorium as unique backdrops. Its diverse landscapes, including rolling hills, charming neighborhoods, and vibrant cityscapes, provide endless options for setting versatility. Moreover, the city's supportive infrastructure, comprising sound stages, production studios, and post-production facilities, facilitates seamless production processes. Nashville's welcoming community and favorable economic incentives further enhance its allure, attracting both seasoned professionals and emerging talent. With a blend of cultural richness, natural beauty, and modern amenities, Nashville stands as an ideal destination for capturing captivating visuals and bringing stories to life through film and photography.

How much does it cost to rent photoshoot and film shoot locations in Nashville?

You can rent photoshoot locations in Nashville from $20.00/hr to $10000.00/hr.

What are the best and most unique places to book in Nashville?

The most popular locations to book in Nashville are SEVENTH STORY STUDIO (**ON THE GROUND FLOOR), VUE - Studio 1 and The Warehouse.

What are the current sunrise and sunset times in Nashville?

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